Hendrik ‘Henk” Bierlee

Henk’s project title is  “Solving discrete optimization problems using Satisfiability solvers”.  Discrete optimization problems occur in nature and society, and are at the heart of many industrial and operational applications. Monash University is world-leading in developing efficient solving technologies, which it makes accessible through the MiniZinc modeling language. The Satisfiability (SAT) solving technology  has been a top contender in the yearly MiniZinc Challenge. Inspired by this success, the development of a native MiniZinc interface for SAT solvers was initiated in early 2020, which has already explored new approaches. Finally, since there is no standard yet, this interface aims to bridge the disparate Satisfiability and general discrete optimization communities.” Henk is supervised by OPTIMA CI Assoc. Prof. Guido Tack.