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Your donation to OPTIMA can help us connect PhD students with not-for-profit industry partners.

Your support will typically contribute to helping not-for-profit industry partners solve complex problems and create opportunities for PhD students to work in areas of need.

Who will benefit from your donation to OPTIMA?

Not-for-profits, PhD students and young researchers

Project or stipend support allows us to give PhD students and young researchers opportunities to work for good causes in not-for-profit industry partners. It is a two-way partnership – developing practical skills and deep knowledge for the student and helping not not-for-profit solve complex problems to increase their effectiveness and outcomes.

Optimisation professionals

We work as a Centre to bring together optimisation professionals from across disciplines to work with the PhD student to help deliver the best outcomes for our industry partner, the not-for-profit. We enhance leadership across disciplines in optimisation and attract top talent for discovery, breakthrough innovation and collaboration with industry.

Industry partners

If you donate to project costs for a specific not-for-profit, we will sign up the not-for-profit as an industry partner. Project costs typically support OPTIMA in assigning a PhD student to the project, creating training opportunities for the student and employees at the not-for-profit, and supporting the not-for-profit in the uptake of the toolkit we develop. A project typically runs for four years and may be funded in a lump sum payment or invoiced yearly.

Support a project

Contact the OPTIMA Business Manager to discuss your options in supporting the project for a not-for-profit, or call 03 83441422.

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For donations to OPTIMA, you will be taken to the giving page of our administering organisation, The University of Melbourne; this is for tax receipt purposes only,
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Contact us if you would like to direct your donation to a specific goal or are interested in a charitable bequest. OPTIMA Business Manager or call 03 83441422.