The AI-OPT 2022 has drawn to a close. It was a fantastic two days of knowledge-sharing, collaboration and networking. If you missed out in 2022, you can join the AI-OPT community on their Discord Channel.

The 2022 Workshop on AI-based Optimisation (AI-OPT 2022) will take place on 17-18 November 2022, at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and will be hosted by the ARC Training Centre in Optimisation Technologies, Integrated Methodologies, and Applications (OPTIMA).

Artificial Intelligence based optimisation techniques such as constraint programming, evolutionary computation, heuristic search, mixed integer programming, and swarm intelligence have found many applications in solving highly complex and challenging optimisation problems. Application domains include important areas such as cybersecurity, economics, engineering, renewable energy, health and supply chain management.

This informal workshop aims to bring together researchers from a wide range of AI-based optimisation areas, discuss current challenges, and foster collaborations. The workshop will consist of technical presentations and allow enough time for discussions and collaborations. PhD students and early career researchers are especially encouraged to participate.

Researchers interested in presenting their work are invited to submit a short abstract (at most 1 page) on fundamental aspects and/or applications of AI-based optimisation. At the time of submission, contributors should indicate whether they would like to present a regular talk of 15-20 minutes or a spotlight talk of 5-7 minutes.

Algorithmic approaches and topics include (but are not limited to):

-algorithmic game theory

-approximation algorithms

-constraint programming

-evolutionary computation

-heuristics search

-machine learning for optimisation

-mechanism design


-mixed integer programming

-parameterised algorithms

-swarm intelligence

Important dates

Monday 30 August, 2022
Abstract submission deadline
Tuesday 15 September, 2022
 17-18 November, 2022


Melbourne Connect
700 Swanston Street
Carlton, Victoria

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Thursday 17th November

08:30 – 13:00 Level 8 – Kitchen

13:00 – 18:00 Level 7 Manhari Room (walk straight through shared kitchen space to the back of the floor)

Friday 18th November

08:30 – 18:00 Level 7 Manhari Room (walk straight through shared kitchen space to the back of the floor)

Contact and Organisers:

Uwe Aickelin, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Frank Neumann, The University of Adelaide, Australia

Kate Smith-Miles, The University of Melbourne, Australia