Braden Kidd

Braden’s PhD project title is “Modelling of the Net Zero Initiative Monash Microgrid. The rapid increase of small-scale Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in electricity distribution systems worldwide is causing a paradigm shift in how energy markets operate. Implementing this transition requires new network planning and centralised resource coordination strategies to be effective. My research involves developing a software simulation platform to assist in DER network planning and to evaluate the effectiveness of DER operational optimisation algorithms. This software ability to efficiently scale, provide results via a graphical user interface and incorporate third party optimisation algorithms distinguishes it from existing commercial software. By developing a drag and drop style rapid modelling framework with computationally efficient third-party solvers, we aim to identify new DER optimisation techniques and make recommendations regarding infrastructure requirements for future levels of DER.  He is supervised by OPTIMA Affiliate Professor Ariel Liebman, and Dr Simon Dunstall.