Assoc. Professor Hamideh Anjomshoa

Hamideh is a senior applied research scientist and technical leader with more than ten years of experience. Currently, she holds a position as an Enterprise Research Fellow at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne and Chief Investigator of the new Industrial Training and Transformation Centre, called OPTIMA. She was also the Science and Technical Leader of several industrial research projects in IBM Research Australia for more than nine years and has experience in the design and implementation of large-scale optimisation and data science solutions across different industries including, mining and healthcare.

She completed her Bachelor, Master and PhD in Mathematics. Her research interests broadly concern mathematical modelling, mixed integer programming, operation research, business analytics and optimisation, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, health analytics and resource allocation/scheduling. She has received several corporate awards and has also published several papers and patents.

Hamideh is a deputy theme leader in the research theme UPTAKE