Financial, Retail, Communications and Insurance Services

Optimising multi-item retail inventories using Artificial Intelligence

The development of new advanced inventory planning systems will assist in the optimal functioning of product ordering, distribution and store replenishment processes in retail supply chains. Current objectives include streamlining the incorporation of new products, planning for promotions, and recognising emerging trends in order that sufficient stock can be obtained in a timely manner. Commercially available inventory systems are not able to adequately address these latter concerns; in particular, they do not adequately integrate forecasts with optimisation and require forecasted demand to be set manually. These systems currently do not take full advantage of the wealth of sales and operational data held by the company. This project will develop new model-based systems incorporating noisy product and operational data to optimise its operations management.

OPTIMA CIs: Professor Peter Stuckey

Associates: Dr John Betts

PhD Student: Zahra Namazian

Detecting Threats in Temporal Networks

Organised crime in the modern world is characterised by large networks of criminals operating across national borders and transacting via multiple communication channels. These networks are both evolving temporally (as the relationship between individuals changes) and are multi-layered (for example, communications, goods, money), making analysis complex. In addition these networks are characterised by a sparse structure, often with key players only loosely connected to the main network in order to reduce the likelihood of detection. Patterns of communication within the network over time can expose the different types of activity by members. The aim of the project is to better understand how and when changes in patterns of communication within the network can be indicative of imminent major criminal operations.

OPTIMA CIs: Professor Peter Stuckey

OPTIMA AIs: Dr John Betts

PhD Student: advertising

Performance Optimisation of Call Centre Operations

OPTIMA CIs: Professor Peter Taylor and Professor Mark Fackrell

PhD Student: Hritika Gupta