Professor Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace is involved in planning and scheduling methods from mathematical programming, artificial intelligence and metaheuristics.  His research addresses the modelling of complex (real-life) combinatorial problems, mapping these models to different solvers, and enhancing the Monash MiniZinc modelling platform to support new kinds of model and new solving methods.  He has tackled the challenge of automatic high-quality mapping and applications in energy, utilities, and transport.  He is on the Advisory board of the Constraints journal, and he has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Heuristics, Theory and Practice of Logic Programming and Constraint Programming Letters.   He is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Constraints. He spent 21 years at the UK computer company ICL.  He studied databases and knowledge management and then discovered the power of constraint programming (CP) for modelling and solving challenging industrial applications. He was offered a Chair at Monash University and founded a 10-year multi-laboratory CP project funded by NICTA.  His industry work continued in Melbourne Operations Research, with organisations including CFA, Hifert and Patricks.  At Monash, he was founding Director of the CTI-Monash Centre for optimisation in travel, transport and logistics.  In 2011 he became the founding CEO of Opturion.

Mark is a deputy theme leader in the research theme UPTAKE