Dr João Luiz Junho Pereira

Dr João Luiz Junho Pereira is a Brazilian postdoctoral researcher from the Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA) visiting OPTIMA. He loves to improve the human way of living and creating resources using Artificial Intelligence. He received his PhD from the Federal University of Itajubá, which was winner of the biggest award  in brazilian science, the 2023 CAPES, after creating the first metaheuristic for multi-objective optimization from Brazil and the first in the world Inspired by Lightning and applied it, other metaheuristics, and machine learning to solve the most diverse and complex problems in mechanical engineering and beyond. His main areas of activities are optimization with metaheuristics, machine learning, design of experiments (DOE), and finite element method. If you have an interesting problem, don’t hesitate to get in touch with him to apply the most modern and current optimization techniques to push the frontiers of knowledge of everything that is known about it.

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