OPTIMA Events Code of Conduct

21/09/2023|In Uncategorized

The Centre is committed to providing a workplace that is diverse, tolerant and respectful. This extends to the culture of our workshops and events.

We acknowledge that robust intellectual debate and critique are ingredients in the advancement of scientific knowledge. Attendees are reminded to ensure such interactions are conducted upon a foundation of kindness and respect.

Gender, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, age, disability and other personal characteristics should not be impediments to your full engagement and enjoyment of this event. We celebrate the fact that diversity enhances our centre.

To maintain a positive and open workshop environment, you agree to abide by standards that are ethical, respectful and considerate of all other attendees, venue staff and patrons at all times. This includes in-person and online interactions during the winter school, associated social events and other interactions with participants.

You are also reminded that while attending the event and related social functions you remain obligated to abide by the Centre policy on diversity, inclusion and harassment as well as your own institution’s staff or student code of conduct. As such any breaches may lead to exclusion from the workshop and/or disciplinary actions in line with your workplace or student conduct policies.