The Careers & Industry Meet & Greet is part of the OPTIMA-CON 24. Tickets are available for interested students and early career researchers who are not attending the main event. If you are interested in attending the rest of the conference you will need to purchase a standard or student ticket.

This session is twofold.

Industry networking
Industry practitioners and academics will network in a relaxed setting to discuss the take-home messages from the conference.

Careers Fair
The OPTIMA-CON 24 Careers & Industry Meet and Greet connects students and early career researchers in mathematical sciences, statistics, AI, computer science, economics and engineering with employers of graduates and highlights career opportunities available outside academia.

At the fair, you will have the chance to:-
-Meet with recruiters and hiring managers from leading companies
-Learn about entry-level roles, graduate programs, internship opportunities, vacation programs and work-integrated learning (WIL)
-Gain insight into different industries and career paths
-Network with professionals and other students

This is a great opportunity for students and employers to build relationships that may one day turn into a career.

Come along to learn more, ask questions, and stand out to employers.

Event Details

Friday 12th July 2024

2-hour event, 13:00 – 15:00 AEST, with the option to stay for the keynote address by Juergen Branke at 15:00 – 16:00

Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre, Clarendon Street

Light refreshments provided

Competition – we are giving away 3 free tickets to OPTIMA-CON 24 for students registered for this event who complete the questionaire. The winner will be decided on the 14th of June. (OPTIMA students will not be registered in the draw.)


Participating Businesses - these are in addition to the over thirty industry professionals attending the event.

You also have the option to stay for the keynote address given by Prof. Juergen Branke, Warwick University

Juergen Branke, Professor of Operational Research & Systems at Warwick University, UK.

Juergen’s research interests are in nature-inspired optimisation; logistics and scheduling; multiobjective optimisation and decision-making; optimisation in the presence of uncertainty; simulation-based optimisation; and Bayesian optimisation.

If you wish to be further involved in the Optimisation in Industry Conference – OPTIMA-CON 24 please go to the dedicated webpage