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Nov 09 2022


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AI-based Optimisation 9 November 2022 16:00

Speaker: Dr Sean Arisian

Title: A Practical Approach to Supply Chain Modelling

Abstract: In this talk, Sean discusses the benefits and challenges of taking practical approach to supply chain modelling by presenting some recent research papers he was involved in. Using some examples, Sean will share his experience in conducting applied modelling research that offer practical contributions to both knowledge creation and policy making in today’s pressing issues (e.g., Sustainability and Circular Economy, Supply Chain Resilience, Trade War and Re-globalization).

Bio: Dr. Sean Arisian is a senior lecturer at La Trobe University (Business School). Sean has special interests in modelling and solving practical Logistics and Supply Chain Management problems. Sean’s multidisciplinary research addresses problems related to supply chain security and resiliency at the international trade-global supply chains interface. Another stream of Sean’s research is the development of transformative and sustainable supply chain strategies that foster indigenous innovation. Sean is the Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) member of ‘Transportation Research Part and Associate Editor of ‘Modern Supply Chain Research and Application’ journal.

WED 9TH NOVEMBER 16:00 AEDT (Melbourne Time)

ZOOM Meeting ID: 873 1557 5255; Password: 778635

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Nov 09 2022

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