Optimisation of production by “selected turbine de-rating”

On large wind farms, turbines must contend with the wake effects encountered in positions downwind of other turbines. At most wind farms, each generator is controlled individually using a “greedy” algorithm where each tries to maximise its own generation. A whole-of-farm approach to maximising power production is not considered. The decreasing cost of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling presents a significant opportunity to integrate simulation and optimisation, connecting CFD expertise in the industry with optimisation experts from academia to design optimal strategies. Furthermore, black-box optimisation techniques could be applied to perform systematic real-world exploration of the solution space to fine-tune plant behaviour. Such approaches would be world-leading and applicable to a range of wind farms with a significant remaining operational lifetime.

OPTIMA CIs: Professor Kate Smith-Miles

OPTIMA Research Fellow: Andrés Muñoz

PhD Student: Advertising

Human-in-the-loop Microgrid

The project aims to design and implement interoperable AI-based human-in-the-loop algorithms that can eventually be incorporated in different digital platforms.

OPTIMA CIs: Professor Ariel Liebman

OPTIMA AIs: Dr Buser Say, Dr Hao Wang, Dr Frits de Nijs

PhD Student: Starting soon