Attending the in-person 2024 Optimisation Industry Breakfast Briefing is crucial for business professionals. This event offers a unique opportunity for networking, knowledge-sharing and staying updated on the latest trends and technologies.

This one-hour panel discussion over a hot breakfast is aimed directly at our industry guests. It will be hosted by OPTIMA Chief Investigator Prof. Maria Garcia de la Banda, and leaders in optimisation solvers Gurobi Optimization, with a panel of industry professionals. This session will highlight successful case studies and share advances in optimisation techniques that can improve efficiencies in industry. Limited tickets are available for industry – please contact us at to register your interest.

All attendees are also invited to stay afterwards for the keynote talk given by Daniel Guimarans Principal Research Scientist at Amazon, with combined experience in academic research and consultancy projects for government and industry on transportation and logistics, aviation, and software solutions.

Industrial problems are large-scale, with multiple competing objectives, multi-source uncertainties, and require decisions on multiple time-scales. Optimisation methodologies and software addresses industry’s urgent need for decision-making tools for global competitiveness: reducing lead times, and financial and environmental costs, while improving efficiency, quality, and agility.

The Optimisation Industry Breakfast Briefing provides a platform to discuss common decision-making problems affecting industry, and gives direction to attendees on dynamic solutions.  In-person engagement at this event is a powerful way to enhance expertise and take your thinking in a new direction. This panel is led by ARC Training Centre in Optimisation Technologies, Integrated Methodologies, and Applications (OPTIMA) and Gurobi, with industry guests.

The Optimisation Industry Breakfast Briefing is held as a separate session to OPTIMA’s inaugural optimisation in industry conference, OPTIMA-CON 24. If you wish to know more about OPTIMA-CON 24 please follow the link below.

 Optimisation Industry Breakfast Briefing Details

Location: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Clarendon St, Melbourne Australia

Date: 11th July 2024


Arrival and breakfast 08:10

Seated and commence at 08:25

Conclusion at 09:25

Optional Keynote Address 09:30-10:30

If you wish to be further involved in the Optimisation in Industry Conference – OPTIMA-CON 24 please go to the dedicated webpage